Emoji Theater: Can You Guess the Show?

Show-Score | By Samantha Dupler | Jun 21, 2016
We took well-known musicals and spelled the plot out: in emoji form! Take a look below and see if you can figure out what show we've summed up!

1. Frog in your throat?

2. Monkeying around...

3. Mamma mia! (no, not that one)

4. Ah love! (Or so people say)

5. Unicorns, and tigers and bear, oh my!

6. Holy Moly!

7. UK, hun?

8. Hmm....

9. This one's a gamble...

10. This one's on fire!

11. Some shows just make you feel alive again...

12. Who doesn't love a new 'do?

13. Life isn't always carnival games!

14. That voice!

Think you know what shows we're "talking" about? Take a guess in the comment section below!