Getting the Most Out of Show-Score

The Show-Score Help Guide

Jan 1, 2015
This page explains the major features of Show-Score and how to use them.  

If you have any further questions, please send an email to for further assistance.  

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Score a Show

It’s fun and easy to score a show!  When you do, your opinions appear alongside reviews from the professional critics.  On Show-Score, member reviews look like this when they are done:

There are three components of every member review: the score, the adjectives, and the phrases.  Each is explained below.

1.   The score

The score is a number between 1 and 100.  You set the score with a simple slider:

2.  The Adjectives

You choose up to 5 adjectives that describe your opinions about the show.  You can choose from a pre-set list, or type in your own word or phrase.

3.  The phrases

Finally, you type two short phrases about the show: who WOULD like the show, and who would NOT?  This is important, because no show is perfect for everyone.  Something you love might be distasteful for someone else, or vice versa.  Theater is art, so it’s actually hard to say whether a show was “good” or “bad”.  It’s all a matter of taste!  Here’s your chance to help other people decide if this show is right for them.

It’s very easy to edit your review, either before you publish it or anytime afterwards.  Simply click on the “edit link” or “pencil” icon.

Track a Show

Tracking a show is one of the most powerful features within Show-Score.  When you track a show, you automatically receive alerts about that show on the Show-Score home page and via emails from Show-Score.

There are 3 types of alerts for every show:

  1. When tickets are available at or below a price that you want to pay
  2. When the show starts previews, opens, or is two weeks away from closing
  3. When new reviews are available from professional critics and bloggers, or other Show-Score members

Tracking a show is easy.  When you want to track a show, click the “Track It” link that appears near the poster for that show.  The link will change to “Tracked!”.  

If you want to stop tracking the show, click the “Tracked!” link.  You will see a list of all the alerts that are in effect for that show.  Un-check the ones you don’t want any more.

Shows that you are tracking will appear at the top of your home page, and in the “Show List” tab within your profile page.

Personalize your Experience by Following

The easiest way to discover shows you’ll love is to “follow” the actors, writers, directors, and theater companies you like.  Then, when they are part of a show that is listed in Show-Score, you’ll be automatically notified.  In addition, when you follow theater critics and bloggers whose taste you trust, or other Show-Score members, we’ll alert you when they give a show a score of 80 or higher.

To make this process easier, we’ve created a fun and fast way to follow actors, writers, directors, theater companies, critics, and bloggers.  Click on any of the links that appear below the “Shows based on your follows” section at the top of your home page.

Save Show Filters

You can quickly find shows that interest you by clicking on the “Filter Shows” box in the upper left corner of every page.  When that box expands, you’ll see many options for choosing the shows you want to see from the shows that are currently listed on Show-Score.

But what if you want to know about future shows that meet the same criteria?  Simply click “Save filters”.  This will save the specific criteria you have selected, so that you are notified whenever a new show is listed that matches those criteria.  Your saved filters can be managed in the “Show List” tab on your profile page. 

Hide a Show

If you get annoyed by seeing shows that are of no interest to you, simply click the “Hide It” button that appears for every show.  When you do that, the show will no longer be displayed on your version of Show-Score.  If you change your mind, and want the show to re-appear, simply go to the “Show List” tab on your profile page.

Give a Helpful Vote

We all love getting positive feedback, so we’ve made it easy for you to let someone know that his or her review was helpful to you.  In the bottom left corner of every review is a “Helpful” button.  Click on it, and the person who wrote the review will receive your helpful vote.  You’ll both feel great!

Report Abuse

Please report any member reviews that do not abide by our community guidelines.  It’s easy to do this. You’ll see a “flag” symbol In the bottom right corner of every member review.  After clicking on it, you’ll see a simple 1-page form.  When you submit the form, the review will be taken off-line for further review by our member services team.