This Website Analyzes Every Single Line of the 'Hamilton' Score

Show-Score | By Samantha Dupler | Jun 21, 2016

Did John Adams really call Alexander Hamilton a "Creole bastard"? How did the relatively obscure General Mercer end up getting a shoutout? This website has answers to all of the questions you don't even know you have.

The Cast of "Hamilton" The Cast of "Hamilton" | By Joan Marcus

Have you savored every page of your copy of "Hamilton: The Revolution" and need more lore and liner notes to satisfy your endless appetite? Then please, allow me to help fuel your Hamilfan obsession.

Launched in 2009 as "Rap Genius," has become known as a place where creators and fans can collaboratively comment on music and literature, dissecting every scrap of content. And a show like "Hamilton", filled with lyrics that are built upon layers of historical and musical context, is ripe for this sort of analysis.

The hundreds upon hundreds of annotations range from essay-length delves into America's past, to cheeky gifs and one-liners pointing out hip-hop or theatrical references you may have otherwise missed.

There's nothing more exciting, however, than browsing a song only to see a line or stanza highlighted in green: that means that Lin-Manuel himself has paid a visit to the annotation section, either to cosign what a fan has correctly speculated or researched, or to drop some knowledge himself.

And as for my favorite historical fact I learned? Finding out that Aaron Burr represented Maria Reynolds during her eventual divorce from James Reynolds, because...of course he did.

Have you ever used Genius before? What's your favorite historical "Hamilton" fact? Let us know in the comments!