Lights of Broadway Collector Profile: jenn32870

Show-Score | By Robbie Block | Apr 24, 2017

Since we launched our Lights of Broadway Show-Score trading card, we've had the chance to connect with an amazing group of collectors, many of whom are Show-Score members. One such member,  jenn32870, talks to us about her two passions: Broadway and "light catching".

Lights of Broadway Cards, and a sneak peak of our own Show-Score card! Lights of Broadway Cards, and a sneak peak of our own Show-Score card! | By Show-Score

At Show-Score, we know that theater stays with you long after the curtain has closed, changing you as a person and creating memories that will last a lifetime. As theatergoers, we are constantly looking for ways to commemorate these moments. With this in mind, Show-Score partnered with The Lights of Broadway team to bring you Show-Score's very own trading card, a great way to celebrate the members that make us who we are.

We were thrilled to be welcomed into the amazing community of "Light Catchers" and blown away by the outpouring of love we received for our card, which is available at our store, free with any purchase of Lights of Broadway cards.

So we're excited to introduce you to member jenn32870, an avid collector and theater fan, who answered some of our questions below!

Show-Score: How would you describe your theater interests?

jenn32870: I like musicals best, but, I am game for any show (except "Cats"). I see some off-Broadway but it's 90% Broadway.

Show-Score: When did you first start buying Lights of Broadway cards?  How many do you have now?

jenn32870: About two weeks after the cards were released.  I have full sets of each edition, minus "Giving Backs" and "sketch & wicket" cards.  I also have a binder full of signed cards along with notes from many of the subjects.

Show-Score: Why do you like the cards? 

jenn32870:  Where do I start?  They have brought me many great new friends, given me many opportunities to interact with the subjects, and are just fun to collect.  They have also introduced me to many people and shows I was not aware of and deepened my connection to the Broadway community.

Show-Score: Do you collect other things in your life?  What?
jenn32870: Different things at different times. Previously I have done Star Wars cards, stickers, and autographs. Lots of "Monkees" and Disney memorabilia, CDs and books. Playbills, snow globes, Rankin Bass Christmas items, and Bloom County anything. 

What do you collect? Let us know in the comments below! Or start your own collection with some of our memorabilia available in our store!