Member Spotlight: Portia’s Ambitious Quest... To See EVERY Shakespeare Play in One Year!

Show-Score | By Anna Marr | Oct 13, 2016

Sword fights, love crusades, adventures by sea: all quests worthy of Shakespeare. But that’s nothing compared to Portia’s journey.

A sampling of Portia's impressive collection of Shakespeare programs A sampling of Portia's impressive collection of Shakespeare programs | By Show-Score

Show-Score member Portia is no stranger to the classics. She spent her childhood seeing shows at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, for one. So when this avid theatergoer decided to create a "theater challenge," she looked to who else but the Bard for inspiration! 

The rules of her challenge are simple: see one live performance each of Shakespeare's 38 canonical, scholar-approved plays within 2016. We wanted to learn more about her quest, and just how she's faring on her year-long adventure.

(infographic by Jimmy Mezei)

Nearing her quest's end, Portia has been surprised by the number of people who have been inspired by her journey. To them, she suggests coming up with their own quest, in theater or otherwise. 

"It compels you to make new discoveries and be delighted by things, whether it's tasting all the donuts in New York or reading all the works of a famous author—it deepens your own interest and knowledge."

Portia echoes Shakespeare's sentiment, 'to thine own self be true': “There’s a lot of freedom in it, and also self-care; it's something you do for yourself."