These Are the Most Wanted Musical Revivals by Show-Score Members

Show-Score | By Tom Melcher, Show-Score CEO | Jul 18, 2016

Imagine that a Broadway producer asked you what musical revival you’d most like to see come back. We did just that, on a recent survey completed by 3,600 Show-Score members. See how your answers compare with theirs...

Michael Cerveris and Patti LuPone: 2005 Broadway revival of "Sweeney Todd" Michael Cerveris and Patti LuPone: 2005 Broadway revival of "Sweeney Todd" | By Sara Krulwich/The New York Times

We recently surveyed a random sample of Show-Score members about which musical revivals they'd like to see! They were asked to write down the top 5 musicals they most wanted to see revived (we didn't give them a list from which to choose). In total, 3,600 members responded with a total of 9,800 write-in votes. The top 5 most-requested musicals were:


We were surprised by these results, for a number of reasons:

  • Huge diversity: More than 500 different musicals were requested.  The top choice, "Guys & Dolls", only garnered 3.3% of the total votes cast, while the top 5 choices in total represented only 15% of the total.

  • Interesting mix: "Guys & Dolls" and "Gypsy" are from the 1950s, "A Chorus Line" and "Sweeney Todd" are from the 70s, and "Rent" is from the 90s.  

  • Unusual patterns: For example, these three shows (not shown above) each received 39 votes: "Thoroughly Modern Millie", "Tommy", and "The Secret Garden".  At first glance, the responses aren't always explained by the different ages of the respondents...

We’re slicing and dicing all of the data we collected, looking for interesting patterns. If you’d like to receive a copy of the final analysis, please email me (

In the meantime, if you tell us below what musical revival YOU would like to see, we’ll respond and tell you where that appears on the list — that way you can know how many like-minded Show-Score members share your tastes!