Member Spotlight: HopeNYC's Handmade Tony Cookies Blew Us Away

Show-Score | By Deeksha Gaur | Jun 14, 2016

Meet Show-Score member Hope Rodriguez, also known as HopeNYC. By day, she is a professional nanny, but on evenings and weekends, she is a Broadway super-fan!

This year's Tony cookies! This year's Tony cookies! | By Hope Rodriguez

Hope came to New York from Dallas 10 years ago because she always wanted to live in the city. She started going to shows to have something to do, but soon became bitten by the theater bug after seeing a performance of "Spring Awakening", a show she went on to see 30 times on Broadway! (And that’s not even including the London and touring productions in Texas.) She now goes to the theater at least once a week and tries to see 2-3 shows on weekends.

The second oldest of seven children, Hope grew up watching her mother make Halloween cookies intricately decorated with Sesame Street characters. So when she was invited to a friend's Tony viewing party years later, these memories inspired her to bring cookies with the names of her favorite shows iced on them. She got positive feedback and thus began her annual tradition. Every year, her cookie designs become more and more elaborate, her quiet perfectionism pushing her to painstakingly redecorate each cookie until she gets it right!  

We found out about her amazing designs through her friend and fellow Show-Score member Sarah P, and Hope graciously invited us into her home to watch the magic happen.

Watch the video to see Hope's wizardry with a piping bag. And check out the special Show-Score cookie she whipped up on the spot just for us. (In case you're wondering, it was absolutely delicious!)

If you’re thinking about pre-ordering a dozen for next year’s Tonys, we’ve got some bad news: Hope says she has no plans to sell them. And as for that recipe? "It's a secret," she says with a kind smile. So if you really want a taste, your best bet is to follow her on Show-Score and cross your fingers you get invited to her place come Tony season next year!

Hope's workstation

"The Color Purple"

"Tuck Everlasting"

"Bright Star"


Our special Show-Score cookie!

5 Fun Facts About Hope Rodriguez:

  • Hope hates to cook! These cookies are really the only thing that she bakes all year.

  • This year, her favorite cookies were Bright Star and Tuck Everlasting, both for their challenging designs and because she really liked both shows.

  • Hope bakes these cookies even when she doesn't have a party to host or attend. Instead, she gives them to friends, and Sarah P gets first dibs.

  • Hope has a degree in childhood development and after leaving Dallas, she worked on cruise ships doing their education programs.

  • She has seen every Tony nominated musical and all the plays, except Long Day's Journey Into Night. She will see it before it closes.

    Bonus shot: Hope's framed autographed Playbill wall!

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