Wanna join the Show-Score “Price Posse”?

Show-Score | By Tom Melcher | Mar 14, 2017

Give back to your fellow theater fans, and be recognized for your discount-shopping skills by joining our “price posse”!

Show-Score Price Posse Show-Score Price Posse | By Heather Stix

Show-Score exists to help our community “Discover shows you’ll love, from people you trust, at the right price for you.” When we launched Show-Score, we wanted to deliver on the “right price for you” part by having Show-Score staff members visit all the major ticketing and discount sites every day to gather prices (and fees!), and then organize them so it’s easy to compare.

This worked well, and we will continue to provide this service. However, we quickly realized that we couldn’t always keep up with all the changes. Members kept telling us about deals they were finding that we weren’t listing. For a while we just tried harder, and then it hit me -- why not give our members an easy and fast way to report the deals they are finding, so that everyone benefits?

That’s what we’ve just launched -- “Deals reported by members” -- aka “The Price Posse”. You can see it in a Twitter-like format here:

Or on every show detail page, like this one for “Sweat”:

It’s similar to how traffic accidents are reported on Google Maps and Waze. Altruistic drivers, stuck in traffic, take a moment to let everyone else know what’s going on. If only 2% of the people do it, the other 98% benefit a lot.

To get this going, we reached out to some of our most-active members, who gladly offered to be the charter members of the “Posse”. A big thanks to Adam G123, AmyAmyAmy63Barbara Kempe, Cecilia Loves NY, Dan Q, dianefe, DoubleDReviews, Hawkeye, JasonBKLYN jenn32870, Jeryl M, Jillbaila, John Francis, Jordan46, June R Ospa, megwarshaw, MichelleJoy, nap, Nicole A, Randi Kira and Rodash. You guys are real trail blazers!!

If you’d like to understand how “deals” works in more detail, please read our FAQs. Even better, we hope you’ll join the “Posse”! To do that, please simply email help@show-score.com and we’ll explain how it works and get you your badge.  :)

We hope that you like this new feature, and that together we can help all of us find “the right price” for each of us.

Want to Join the "Price Posse"? Email us or let us know in the comments below!