WATCH: The Residents of "Avenue Q" Read *Your* Member Reviews!

Show-Score | May 25, 2016

The internet isn't just for porn: it's also for hilarious videos of puppets and actors reading your reviews of their show!

We woke up yesterday morning to a wonderful surprise: the team at "Avenue Q" posted this amazing video featuring Show-Score – we had no idea it was happening! Check out the gut-busting video above to see your favorite residents of Avenue Q, like Princeton, Rod, Kate, Trekkie Monster, Gary Coleman, Christmas Eve, and more read what members like YOU think of their show! 

Congratulations to Show-Score members Mary P, HillTempleton, Jasmine 4, Kristen Ivy Haynes, Leslie 6070, Rena 4, Allison M 6070, Irene 6083, and Charles E for being featured!

And run - don’t walk - to see Avenue Q now!

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