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WATCH: Jay Armstrong Johnson sings "Waving Through A Window"
Oct 17, 2017

Jay Armstrong Johnson covers one of the biggest hits of the 2017 season in our third episode of #SingForTheFans🎤.


At This Conference, You Can Learn to Become a Broadway Producer
By Show-Score | Oct 12, 2017

This Tony-winning producer feels passionately about sharing his knowledge.


Finding My ‘Club’ at the Theater
By Barbara Kempe | Oct 10, 2017
One Show-Score member finds that kindred spirits are everywhere...even onstage.  Read more...

8 Moments from Elsie Fest We Can’t Stop Thinking About
Show-Score | By Kate Leggett | Oct 9, 2017
That joyful sound of a thousand or so theater fans that you heard last night? That was Elsie Fest.  Read more...

Q&A with Ann Kittredge
By Gavin Whitehead | Oct 5, 2017

Show-Score talks to Ann Kittredge about returning to the stage after ten years of stay-at-home motherhood.  She performs October 18th at Feinstein's/54 Below.


How “The Secret Garden” Made Me Love Musicals
Show-Score | By Laura Kressly | Oct 3, 2017

Laura saw her first Broadway musical at the age of ten...and found her bit of earth.


QUIZ: Could You Be a Broadway Producer?
Oct 3, 2017

From budgeting to booking theaters, producing on Broadway is serious business. Could you do it? Take our quiz to find out!


Q&A with Salon Presenter Diep Tran
Sep 25, 2017

Show-Score's Director of Community and Content sat down with Salon Presenter and rockstar theater journalist, Diep Tran. 


POLL: Is "Waitress" Feminist?
Sep 23, 2017
Let's talk about "Waitress." Take our poll and then use code WAITPOLL for a 50% discount on "Problematic Favorites: Is "Waitress" Feminist or Not?"! Read more...

WATCH: Keala Settle: Queen of Belting
Sep 19, 2017

There's not a high note that Keala Settle can't conquer. 


Let There Be Light! Discovering a Show Through Lighting Design
Show-Score | By Leah Thomas | Sep 11, 2017

How lighting design introduced one theater lover to a whole new way of experiencing plays.


A fun way to experience the cutting edge of storytelling
By Tom Melcher | Sep 6, 2017

Here's where to see the next big innovations not just in theater, but in storytelling as a whole.