Hunger & Thirst Theatre


Hunger & Thirst was founded in 2012 by a group of artists with a simple, shared "hunger and thirst" for creating theatre. We are dedicated to discovering exciting, new ways to perform the classics and producing contemporary works inspired by classic stories. We gravitate towards works that express universal, timeless themes that reveal a deep, inner truth about human nature. Our hope is by showing classic stories in an unique or updated way, our audiences will experience these timeless themes more profoundly, thereby making the overall theatrical experience as emotionally resonant today as it was when the original piece was first performed.

Productions (5)
Your Invisible Corset
Oct 2018 — Oct 2018
Apr 2018 — Apr 2018
Pericles: Born in a Tempest
Nov 2017 — Nov 2017
Messenger #1, A New Ancient Greek Tragedy
Mar 2017 — Mar 2017
Dracula (Hunger & Thirst Theatre)
Oct 2016 — Oct 2016