11 Times Idina Menzel Stole Our Hearts

Show-Score | By Thea Rodgers | Oct 19, 2016

She'll steal your heart...and fly away with it, too. 

Idina Menzel Idina Menzel | By Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

1. The time she served straight fire during Tango: Maureen in "Rent".

I mean, how can you not? [x]

2. When she followed her animated heart in "Enchanted".

Liz Lemon dates Disney princes. Jon Hamm was apparently the model for Eric, and James Marsden is LITERALLY a Disney Prince, one of the oft forgotten ones. 

Just gonna pretend this is Liz and Disney-Prince-Criss.

She always gets what she wants. [x]

3. When she hit that note in "Wicked".

“ ABC’s of favorite characters meme
“E → Elphaba Thropp
” ”

We wouldn’t be belting out our favorites without her. [x]

4. When she made being green look easy.

Us too, Kristin. [x]

5. When she found her magic… again.

frozen elsa gifset queen elsa frozen disney

She’s iconic not only for finding her strength—but for defending her girlfriends, too. [x]

6. That time she made the best of an awkward situation.

If anyone can effortlessly laugh off "Adele Dazeem", it's our girl Idina. [x]

7. When she just wouldn’t stop breaking the mold.

She’s not that girl—and that’s what makes her great. [x]

8. When she weighed in on who Elsa’s girlfriend would be.

(Spoiler: it’s Tinkerbell!!!) [x]

9. When she gave us advice on how to sing "Let it Go".

Our neighbors already love us, Idina. [x]

10. When she championed a brand-new musical.

When she sings, she sings the truth. [x]

11. Every time she smiles, ever.





We’re still lookin’ to the western skies, Idina!

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