7 Reasons Why Seeing a Show is the Perfect Second Date

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Discover 7 reasons why seeing a show is the perfect second date

By Casey Green Weddings

Date #1? Nailed It. Now it's time for part 2, and you need to come up with something cool AF because nothing kills that first date buzz like being boring the second time around. Here's an idea - you should totally go to a show, and here are 7 reasons why:

1. It’s Exactly the Right Level of Fancy.

The theater vibe is a perfect mix of glam and chill, which means you can strut around as your slightly fancier self without looking like you got lost on the way to the prom. Stylish, not stuffy - that's the rule.

2. It’ll Make You Look Super Sophisticated.

Just to be clear, it’s not that you need any help being cool and sophisticated, you just need help making sure it's super apparent without straight up saying the words, "I'm cool and sophisticated." The trick here is show (so punny!), not tell.

3. Emotional Connections Via Theater Are Way More Powerful Than Movies.

Theater is real - as in, there are real, live people up there, giving it their all. That results in a real emotional connection between the actors, you, and whoever is lucky enough to be sitting next to you. (It's true, there are studies.) This kind of powerful shared experience doesn't actually happen at the movies.

4. You Can Still Drink If You Need To.

Maybe you need a cocktail to loosen up, and that’s okay. You could go to a bar, but if you’d prefer not to yell in your date’s ear while standing in a loud, crowded room full of other people yelling in their dates’ respective ears, this is just a friendly reminder that theaters have bars, too.

5. No Awkward Silence When You Have Dinner Afterward.

Look, you're incredibly interesting to talk to, but having some built-in conversation fodder during those first few dates is never a bad thing. Boring small talk and awkward silences don’t happen during post-show dinner conversations. It’s scientifically impossible. You’ll see.

6. You Won’t Find Yourself Completely Broke When It’s Time for Date #3.

An evening of theater can actually cost less than going to the movies. You just have to go to the right source for tickets. So, after you totally crush your second date (seriously, you're gonna do great), you don't have to stress about the next one.

7. It’s a Totally Unique Experience That You Both Will Actually Remember.

Movies are fine, but they generally make pretty forgettable dates. But theater is live, on the spot, unedited, happening before your eyes, and any given night is quite literally the only one of its kind. So go make memories! (Aww.)