9 More Internet Cats That Should Make Their "Cats" Debut

By Samantha Dupler | Oct 12, 2016

Last week, Grumpy Cat made history as the first real feline to grace the stage in "Cats". Here are 9 more internet famous cats that should follow suit and make their debuts:

Grumpy Cat outside the marquee for "Cats" Grumpy Cat outside the marquee for "Cats" | By screencap from Cats the Musical FB video: http://boingboing.net/2016/10/06/grumpy-cat-joins-the-broadway.html

1. Maru


He's famous for leaping into boxes: clearly, he can learn some choreography.

2. Disappointed Cat


Now there's a cat who knows how to emote! Just as long as the emotion is, well, disappointment.

3. Waffles


Clearly, he's not unaccustomed to intricate costumes.

4. Venus


On second thought, her striking markings might make her better suited for "Phantom of the Opurra"...

5. Lil Bub


See that face? That's a face that gets butts in seats.

6. Miss Raspberry Kittay


And as for this face, well, that's a face you wouldn't want to make angry!

7. Sam (aka, Eyebrow Cat)


Fear! Surprise! Excitement! As long as that emotion ends with an exclamation mark, Sam has it mastered.

8. Snoopy


Now there's a cat who knows her angles.

9. Hamilton the Hipster Cat


It's not just because his name is Hamilton! Although, that certainly helps...

  • Which internet famous cats would you want to see star next in "Cats"? Let us know in the comments below!