Meeting the 50% Standard

We know strong women on stage when we see them but what about behind the scenes?

By Show-Score

The following theatrical productions were created and designed by teams composed of at least 50% female or transgender artists.

Parity Productions advocates for gender parity in theater. They created a Qualifying Productions Program to provide support for shows that meet a 50% hiring standard. [To learn more about the program and its requirements, click here.]

Show-Score has partnered with Parity to help keep you informed of shows that were created by teams featuring women or transgender artists as playwrights, designers, or directors.

See these shows and know that you're contributing to a broader range of voices in theater!

Winner of the 2019 Tony Award for Best Musical, this is a new twist on the classic Greek myth.

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Based on Anaïs Mitchell's concept album, this musical won eight Tony Awards plus the Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album in 2020. Hadestown is a poetic interpretation of two Greek myths: Orpheus and Eurydice; and Hades and Persephone. The indomitable Andre de Shields narrates the show as Hermes, weaving the tales of two pairs of lovers together with jazzy grit, flair, and tenderness.

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An exuberant, pop celebration of 21st century girl power featuring the wives of Henry VIII.

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This is not a story you'll find in the history books. This cult hit musical reimagines the wives of Henry VIII, not as Tudor queens, but as empowered "Pop Princesses" who are taking back the narrative and telling their stories from their own unique perspectives, backed by an all female band.

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A joyful musical that honors black women through history, set to top hits from the '30-'90s.

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Five women come together to clean out the attic in their family home after their matriarch passes on. As they clean and find old fragments of their past, the women recount stories of their youth, their family, the lessons they've learned, and the remarkable history of the powerful black women who came before them. This uplifting musical features classic hits, power ballads, and swan songs from Billie Holiday to Beyonce.

Debra Messing stars in this heartfelt piece about the changes in one woman's life over a century.

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The audience traces the life of Ernestine Ashworth from her 18th birthday through her 101st. Making her mother's famous "birthday cake" each year, she reflects on her life, her dreams, and her choices. Through the passage of time, Ernestine’s story paints the picture of a life and a lifetime. This is a Broadway debut for playwright Noah Haidle.