Our Newest Facebook Group: Show-Score Parents!

Show-Score | By Vic Cairl | Mar 22, 2017

Our new private Facebook group helps members with a kid in their life find the right show for the right age at the right price. Join us at Show-Score Parents!

Parents and their kids see "In-Transit" Parents and their kids see "In-Transit" | By Vic Cairl

As a working mom of three, every year, instead of buying gifts, I take my kids to a show for their birthday. They would never recall what toys or video games they received, but my kids remember every show I take them to. Last week we saw “Amelie” and for two whole hours, we sat in a theater with no cell phones or distractions, just us sharing an experience together. It was more than a night at a show, it was a memory we made as a family.

My daughters at "Amelie"

There is nothing more special than taking your kids to theater. At Show-Score, we totally get it, as many of us are parents. We know with schedules and commutes, sometimes making it happen can be hard.

So we created this page for Show-Score parents and want to share it with you, so you can have the best theater experience with your children, or figure out how to plan an amazing date night!

It's a great resource to discuss which shows are appropriate for which ages, share tips on kid-friendly places to eat, and anything else that comes for a theater loving parent. 


One of our members and her daughter and a “Miss Saigon” Show-Score social.

Uncles, Aunts, Grandparents, Mentors and Friends of the Family are all welcome to join too.

After you see a show, rate it on Show-Score and encourage your kids to rate it too. It will start a fun conversation (trust me, my girls had some opinions). If you rate six shows, you’ll unlock other offers, making nights out at the theater as a family, even more affordable. Or make your Wish Lists and decide what you all want to see together next.

Please join us at Show-Score Parents and let's get talking!