Get With the Program

Show-Score | By Samantha Dupler | Apr 20, 2016
We love reading the reviews you write on Show-Score, and now we want to see the photos you take at the theater! Send us your best program pics and help us build a community collage celebrating the shows we love.
We've already received some great submissions! We've already received some great submissions! | By Show-Score

At Show-Score, we have a favorite theater tradition for almost every show we see: snapping that perfect Playbill pic for social media. Whether it's posed against a curtain backdrop, or hiding a silly selfie, we just can't stop ourselves! And we know that we can't be alone in this habit.

That's why we're asking 
you to help join in the fun! It's not enough to just read your written reviews; we want to create a literal picture of your show-seeing adventures.

Send us your pics in the comments below, or through 
FacebookTwitter, and Instagram (and be sure to tag us so we'll definitely spot it!), and at the end of the month, we'll post our first complete program collage featuring our awesome Show-Score community. You'll get a cool photo out of it (and the ability to be featured on this very blog)!