POLL: Should You Eat Inside a Broadway Theater?

Show-Score | By Samantha Dupler | Oct 31, 2016
Last week, we posted an article about whether or not theatergoers can eat inside a Broadway house. Our members let their voices be heard on this particular issue!
Darlings Sweet Shop at the Lyric Theatre Darlings Sweet Shop at the Lyric Theatre | By Ben Fisher (2014)

Yes, you can eat inside most Broadway theaters (with some restrictions), but according to most of our members, that doesn't necessarily mean you should!

(The comments section on Facebook immediately lit up with discussion!)

Soon after, others began adding their thoughts in the comments section, some even detailing stories involving deadly peanuts and mid-performance pastrami picnics.

So how do you feel about eating inside a Broadway theater? Let your voice be heard in our poll, and elaborate on your thoughts in the comments!