REVIEW ROUNDUP: “The Iceman Cometh” Opened with a ShowScore of 74

Show-Score | Apr 27, 2018
“The Iceman Cometh,” written by Eugene O'Neill and directed by George C. Wolfe, opened on April 26, 2018 in New York City. “The Iceman Cometh,” written by Eugene O'Neill and directed by George C. Wolfe, opened on April 26, 2018 in New York City.


22 critics reviewed the show, resulting in a weighted average of 73.

Ben Brantley
The New York Times
ShowScore: 85
"Who’s going to feel like nodding off, or slump into terminal angst, when Mr. Wolfe has filled the stage with such delectably seasoned hams...Watching this latest incarnation, I laughed more often than I teared up. But this 'Iceman' acquires its own poignant lyricism...With its heightened performances and tone-poem visuals, this production also clearly elicits the musical nature of 'Iceman.'"
Charles Isherwood
Broadway News
ShowScore: 90
"Shatteringly good Broadway revival...A great production of Eugene O’Neill’s monumental drama requires a towering performance in the crucial role of Hickey, and Washington memorably delivers one...Happily, the cast assembled by the veteran director George C. Wolfe is almost without a weak link...This is the first 'Iceman' I’ve seen in which the surface Hickey...truly seems to have moved beyond the trap of his life into another darker trap of madness."
Marilyn Stasio
ShowScore: 75
"Helmer George C. Wolfe has trimmed the play to a reasonable length without losing the nuances in the various life histories of the boys in the barroom. But this is still a long play with a lot of moving parts. The first act, in which all the characters are introduced and roughly defined, is the most attenuated. Everyone lightens up – a bit too much, actually – in the second act, which shoots for comedy. But everything comes together in the third act, which spells Drama with a capital D."

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The show was also reviewed by 108 Show-Score members, whose collective ShowScore is a weighted average of 74.

Top five adjectives describing the show:
Great acting, Slow, Great writing, Disappointing, Absorbing

Audview, ShowScore: 70
See it if…"You are anxious to see Denzel or if you want to see any production of this amazing play. The play is a masterpiece." 
Don't see it if…"You're looking for a definitive version of 'Iceman.' Can't sit for 4 hours without focusing purely on the dialogue. Need light entertainment."

Chad K, ShowScore: 95
See it if…"You are ready to commit four hours to the theatre. This masterwork from the late 1930s is a slow character study with limited action.
Don't see it if…"You just want to see Denzel, this is a true ensemble piece. You're a tourist who wants entertainment."
Kendra 6325, ShowScore: 78
See it if…"You love Eugene O'Neill and Denzel Washington. The acting is great from an excellent cast. The pacing is slow and drags in the 4 hour show.." 
Don't see it if…"You have difficulty hearing and don't appreciate time spent with a bunch of bar flies."

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