There's No People Like Show People

Show-Score | By Samantha Dupler | Apr 25, 2016
When Show-Score member Bethany Zechman went to see an "An American in Paris" with her teenage daughter, she had no idea she'd soon discover firsthand how truly loving and supportive the Broadway community could be! 
Bethany's teenage daughter with Max von Essen Bethany's teenage daughter with Max von Essen | By Bethany Zechman

Bethany told Show-Score that her 15 year-old daughter is a "serious Broadway fan" who loves to wait after the show at the stage door to meet the actors and snag some autographs. While waiting in line to talk to the cast, she noticed a "quite obviously disabled" young man waiting ahead of them asking the security guard several questions.

The guard gave the boy several rude or clipped answers, and just as Bethany was about to confront the theater employee, the "American in Paris" actors appeared to greet the waiting crowd. Bethany says that "each and every one of those people stopped and talked to the young man," looking him in the eye, thanking him for attending, and noting how wonderful it was to have him in their audience that day.

The boy then mentioned that it was his birthday: the actors all wished him a happy birthday, with several of them then autographing his Playbill with that phrase. "They took the time to make him feel special, it literally brought tears to my eyes," says Bethany. "The way they treated that young man made more of an impact on my teenage daughter than they will ever know."

Bethany shared this story with Show-Score to both spread the kindness of this wonderful group of actors, and to let fellow theatergoers with disabled family members know that they'd be undoubtedly welcomed and appreciated at this show. We think Bethany's story is pretty amazing! Have you ever witnessed a moment of compassion at the stage door? We'd love to hear about it below in the comments!