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The 9 Shows that Broadway Fans Want to See in 2018
Show-Score | By Kate Leggett | Feb 6, 2018

We asked theater fans who stopped by our booth at BroadwayCon to share what they want to see this year. 856 Post-It Notes later and the results are tabulated. 


How Is 'Pride and Prejudice' Both Touching AND Funny?
Show-Score | By Mark Blankenship | Nov 17, 2017

Primary Stages' production of "Pride and Prejudice" is funny, heartfelt, and incredibly theatrical. Director Amanda Dehnert tells us how she balances all those elements in the show. 


8 Moments from Elsie Fest We Can’t Stop Thinking About
Show-Score | By Kate Leggett | Oct 9, 2017
That joyful sound of a thousand or so theater fans that you heard last night? That was Elsie Fest.  Read more...

QUIZ: Could You Be a Broadway Producer?
Oct 3, 2017

From budgeting to booking theaters, producing on Broadway is serious business. Could you do it? Take our quiz to find out!


Q&A with Salon Presenter Diep Tran
Sep 25, 2017

Show-Score's Director of Community and Content sat down with Salon Presenter and rockstar theater journalist, Diep Tran. 


POLL: Is "Waitress" Feminist?
Sep 23, 2017
Let's talk about "Waitress." Take our poll and then use code WAITPOLL for a 50% discount on "Problematic Favorites: Is "Waitress" Feminist or Not?"! Read more...

Let There Be Light! Discovering a Show Through Lighting Design
Show-Score | By Leah Thomas | Sep 11, 2017

How lighting design introduced one theater lover to a whole new way of experiencing plays.


QUIZ: How Well Do You Know the Actors of "The Greatest Showman"?
Show-Score | Aug 17, 2017
Show off your knowledge of the cast of the upcoming movie musical! Read more...

QUIZ: How well do you know Pasek & Paul?
Show-Score | Jul 26, 2017
This iconic duo is back with "The Greatest Showman", coming to theaters this Christmas. How much do you know about them?

Radical Idea: Every Show Should Have House Lights On
Show-Score | By Hailey Bachrach | Jul 14, 2017

This Show-Score member has a pretty radical idea for theater - and it involves a little light.


Community Theater Was Basically My High School Sport
Show-Score | By Leah Thomas | Jul 7, 2017

You don't need to be an athlete to learn the lessons of team sports. Just sign up for community theater!


This Scene In "The Greatest Showman" Has "Ragtime" Levels of Inspiration
Show-Score | By Mark Blankenship | Jul 7, 2017

P.T. Barnum rides on the wheels of a dream


Diva Alert! Keala Settle Melts Our Faces in "The Greatest Showman” Trailer
Show-Score | By Mark Blankenship | Jul 7, 2017

Make way for the bearded lady.


I Wasn't Expecting to See Myself in 'Pipeline'
Show-Score | By Mark Blankenship | Jul 7, 2017

Which shows have showed you something true about your own life? Let's discuss them here.


Poll: Which “Greatest Showman” Cast Member are you Most Excited to See in the Film?
Show-Score | Jul 5, 2017
Hugh Jackman? Zac Efron? Or Keala Settle? We wanna know. Read more...

Falling In Love Feels Like This Moment in "The Greatest Showman"
Show-Score | By Mark Blankenship | Jun 30, 2017

High Flying, Adored


BREAKING: “The Greatest Showman” Team Completes the Daring #TrailerTrapeze
Show-Score | By Kate Leggett | Jun 27, 2017

You may have heard about "The Greatest Showman", the new movie musical taking the theater world by storm that chronicles the life of circus legend P.T. Barnum. But have you heard of a #TrailerTrapeze? Today, the film's stars - who include Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Zendaya, and Keala Settle in a breakout role - wow-ed the Twittersphere with a social media stunt that would have made P.T. proud.


Springsteen's Coming to Broadway! Which Musicals Should He Star in Next?
By Linda Buchwald | Jun 21, 2017

"The Boss" is coming to Broadway! Bruce Springsteen may be headed to the Walter Kerr Theatre this fall to play a series of concerts. Now we're wondering... which musicals should he star in next?


How Do You Feel About Onstage Violence?
Show-Score | By Carol Rocamora | Jun 20, 2017

One Show-Score member ponders representations of violence on stage and asks the question, "Where is your personal line drawn?"


Name that Actor: 2017 Tony Edition
Show-Score | By Christopher McKittrick | May 25, 2017

Think you know the Tony nominees for the Best Acting categories? Test your knowledge.


Quiz: How Well do You Know Broadway Quotes?
Show-Score | By Jonathan Mandell | May 16, 2017

Our friend Jonathan Mandell, a prolific writer and reviewer, wanted to test how well we remember the Broadway shows that opened in the 2016-2017 season, and we were happy to oblige. See if you can match the ten lyrics or lines of dialogue below to the shows in which they are sung or spoken.