This Incredible Poem Sums Up One Showgoer's Year In Theater

Show-Score | By Samantha Dupler | Dec 30, 2016

One of our members shared a beautiful gift with us, so we had to share it with all of you!

TheaterBuff's #YearInTheater TheaterBuff's #YearInTheater

To commemorate another year of some truly amazing theater, we've been asking our members to reflect on their own Year In Theater and share their most memorable experiences.

One Show-Score leaderboard member, TheaterBuff, did just that: with an amazing poem that chronicles her unforgettable #YearInTheater! We think her poem is the perfect example of the passion our community has for theater. Take a look for yourself!

2016 Random Theater Highlights

The theater was stellar in two thousand sixteen

Please stay here a while to see what I mean.

I re-sampled the pathos and staggering joys

Of masterful Fugard’s great "'Harold'…and the Boys".

In "Indecent" I was buried under the ashes

In "American Psycho", I lost track of slashes

Spent six hours watching the Gabriel plays

Such appealing a-peeling deserves highest praise

The new "Old Hats" thrilled with the music of Shaina

Clever lyrics revealed her very big brain-a

There was "The Dead" and "Maestro" and "Marjorie Prime"

And "A Long Day’s Journey"…if you could find the time.

And the genius of Harnick in "Fiddler" revived

Again in "She Loves Me", though slightly contrived

Then far out in Brooklyn, I found my true bliss

While watching wild Wilde in "The Judas Kiss".

And all the king Henrys and a fey Richard, too (II !)

Those RSC people know just what to do.

Will I name a favorite? Ok…you can bet-cha

‘Twas the soulful and pow’rful "Marie and Rosetta"

I liked "Privacy", "Oslo", "Ironbound", and more

And kept track of it all, thanks to Show-Score.

With the help of reviews of shows right and shows wrong

This rounding-up poem came out ever-so long.

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