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Pretend To Be a Broadway Star
By Anne Luben | Aug 8, 2017

Looking for a place to sing your cares away? Here are a few of our favorite NYC karaoke spots.


How I Learned That I Want to Be in Musicals
Show-Score | By Hailey Durner | Aug 7, 2017

Here’s how a summer camp changed this high school student’s dream for her future.


Birthdays and Videos and Camps, Oh My!
Show-Score | By Robbie Block | Aug 4, 2017

Child's Play NY is a small company with a big heart. They offer lots of options for you to connect with your children and help unlock their creativity.


The First Time Shakespeare Made Sense
Show-Score | By Hailey Bachrach | Aug 3, 2017

When did Shakespeare's plays "click" for you? One theatergoer shares her journey to understanding The Bard.


What Type of Show-Score Reviewer are YOU?
By Bruce Cogan | Aug 1, 2017
Reviews come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and scores - but this Show-Score member gives a rundown on which styles he sees the most.  Read more...

A Gluten Free Guide for Theatergoers
Show-Score | By Kwegyirba Croffie | Jul 31, 2017

Gluten-free diners rejoice! Here's our guide to the best eateries for you pre- and post-show pleasure.


Expand Your Horizons: A Guide to New Jersey Theater
Show-Score | By Kate Farrington | Jul 31, 2017

Watch out, New York - New Jersey is home to some of the most daring and dynamic theater companies around, and they're all gearing up for a great fall season. Here's a guide to some of the best theater New Jersey has to offer.


QUIZ: How well do you know Pasek & Paul?
Show-Score | Jul 26, 2017
This iconic duo is back with "The Greatest Showman", coming to theaters this Christmas. How much do you know about them?

Seeing Autism-Friendly Theater This Fall
Show-Score | By Barbara Kempe | Jul 25, 2017

Autism-friendly productions allow more families to share the magic of theater.


You Too Can Enter “Hamilton” Heaven: Just Play The Odds
Show-Score | By Bruce Cogan | Jul 24, 2017

Digital lotteries are a theater fan's best friend. One Show-Score member shares some helpful tips for beating the odds.


Broadway and Belief: My Faith and My Life in the Theater
Show-Score | By Amy Sapp | Jul 24, 2017
One theater fan explores how her faith impacts her love of theater...and how her love of theater impacts her faith.  Read more...

This Musical Tells Kids the Truth
Show-Score | By Mark Blankenship | Jul 24, 2017

“Really Rosie” (by Maurice Sendak and Carole King) is back in NYC. The director tells us why she cast kids of all colors, sizes, and abilities. 


Theater Camp Report: Play On! Studios Theater Camps
Show-Score | Jul 21, 2017
Offering a week of fun and exploration, Play On! Studios is unlocking kids' imaginations all summer long.

Was “The Fantasticks” As Good in 2017 As It Was in 1960?
Show-Score | By Douglas Gray | Jul 18, 2017
"The Fantasticks" has bid farewell to the NYC stage. Douglas Gray shares his family's 57 year journey with the little musical that could.

Season Two at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival: From the Korean DMZ to the Barrios of East L.A. and More!
Show-Score | By Bruce Cogan | Jul 17, 2017

NYC doesn’t corner the market on powerful new plays. Show-Score member Bruce reports on the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s exciting, eclectic season.


How I Transitioned from Political Science to Broadway
Show-Score | By Amy Sapp | Jul 17, 2017

How did one theater fan with a penchant for politics transition to a life working on the Great White Way?


Radical Idea: Every Show Should Have House Lights On
Show-Score | By Hailey Bachrach | Jul 14, 2017

This Show-Score member has a pretty radical idea for theater - and it involves a little light.