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With Show-Score Member Nights

Free to join! All you pay is a per-ticket processing fee.

Producers want influential theatre fans (like you!) to see their shows and build word-of-mouth buzz. They offer free tickets to Show-Score, which we pass along to qualifying members for a processing fee.

We call this our “Member Nights” program.

To become eligible, just score at least 2 shows. We’ll then start emailing you free ticket offers.

To begin, enter the name of a show you’ve seen and then click “Score it!”. You can score shows that are no longer running.

If you require accessible tickets, you can find more information here.

Here’s a selection of the shows we’ve recently hosted for member nights!

How do our “Member Nights” differ from other ticket discount programs?

Comparison Other Services Show-Score
Free ticket offers direct to your inbox (no need to constantly check the website) No
All the details you need to determine whether you’ll like a show (description, cast and creatives, reviews) No
Be welcomed into our partner theatres as a member of an important fan community No
We only have theatre offers, so you don’t have to sort through the noise of sports, comedy, and tourist attractions No
1,000s of Member Night offers to shows in our markets! No
No annual fee to access offers No
Cancellations allowed, without penalty No
Priority access via text messaging No
(Patron level)

Score your way to fewer fees!

Member Night attendees pay a per-ticket-fee to reserve their show. Did you know that you can save on fees just by scoring shows you’ve seen?

Per-ticket-fee (Off-Broadway & Regional) Per-ticket-fee (Broadway)
Free Membership:

Score 2-5 shows

$12 $25
Free Membership:

Score 6+ shows

$10 $20
Paid Membership:

All tiers

$6 $15

To get started, simply score 2 shows you’ve seen. It’s completely free to join.

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