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In addition to helping fellow theater fans, you become eligible for free tickets through “Show-Score Member Nights” after you score 6 shows.

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How do member nights work?
Producers want influential theater fans (like you!) to see their shows and build word-of-mouth buzz. They offer free tickets to Show-Score members who are likely to enjoy their show, based on the shows members have already scored.

To become eligible, you must score at least 6 shows. We’ll then start emailing you free ticket offers based on your taste. The more shows you score, the more member night invitations you’ll receive!

So far, we have hosted over 600 Member Nights at shows on Broadway and Beyond, including “Avenue Q”, “Latin History for Morons”, “Torch Song”, “Friends! The Musical Parody”, “Uncommon Sense”, “The Liar”, “Describe the Night”, “Balls”, and many more!