IATI Theater


Founded in 1968, IATI Theater is a company of artistic adventurers that promotes contemporary Latino heritage through theater, music and dance, serving as a bridge between artists and underserved communities in its New York home in the East Village on national and international tours.

We take risks because we believe you can’t create something new without going somewhere that makes you a little bit uncomfortable. We’re always asking questions. We’re never satisfied with the status quo. It’s the secret to how we find the extraordinary.

Productions (7)
Hurricane Sleep
May 2019 — May 2019
Verano, Verano
Nov 2018 — Nov 2018
Three on a Match
Feb 2018 — Mar 2018
Mar 2017 — Apr 2017
Storage Locker
Oct 2016 — Oct 2016
An Invisible Piece of this World
Apr 2016 — May 2016
The Swings (Los Columpios)
Nov 2015 — Nov 2015