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Productions (24)

In Previews: Opens Oct 24 Duck NYC: West Village
86 2 reviews

"Duck" follows the internal struggle of a CIA statistician who learns that 1% can be the difference between life and death.

Already closed The Yellow Wallpaper NYC: West Village
63 5 reviews

This new multimedia staging of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s story provides an intimate look at a deteriorating mental state and a radical examination of destructive relationships between men and women.

Already closed You Sound Like a Girl NYC: West Village
- 0 reviews

What does it mean to “sound like a girl?" This performance and voice workshop empowers audience members to interrogate this question and reclaim the answer.

Already closed Miranda from Stormville NYC: West Village
50 2 reviews

A modern re-telling of William Shakespeare’s "The Tempest" from Adam Bertocci, "Miranda from Stormville" asks: how do we escape circumstances we can’t avoid? How do we continue on when hope is lost?

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cannot dance, cannot sing, cannot act....... but love theater location should read Brighton Beach, Brooklyn
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"Stop it, Russ. Stop, stop, stop it!" ~Clybourne Park
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