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How I score: 90s: Must see! 80s: Most should see. 70s: Good show but not for everyone. 60s: I enjoyed something in it but wouldn't recom... read more
I usher shows throughout NYC, and I score like I'd grade a paper. I spell it "theatre." Wanna fight about it?
I'd protest when my friends declared, "You see everything." Thanks to Show Score, I know I don't see everything...but I sure do see a lot!
Broadway musical junkie and passionate theater goer, I live in New York City and see on average 1-3 shows a week.
cannot dance, cannot sing, cannot act....... but love theater location should read Brighton Beach, Brooklyn
Theater major with an MFA in arts management, which has been my career for 25 years. Addicted to attending the theater, almost always on... read more
I try to see as much as I can both on and off Broadway - preferably in previews so that I don't know much about the play before seeing i... read more
Zero-time Tony Award® winner. Probably thinking about The Last Ship.
I go to more than 100 shows each year searching for a few transformative performances. Many shows that don't reach those heights are sti... read more
I love theatre, with a warm spot for Musicals of all sort! I'm blessed to have seen almost every musical in NY for many years.
Self-described Show Ho. I love theatre: musicals & plays, classical & modern, experimental & traditional.
I love Broadway, off Broadway, the Ballet, oh hell, I love it all! Never could understand those who choose movies over any live perfo... read more
I have been a life-long theatre audience member. I especially enjoy exploring the exciting and new work found off and off-off Broadway.
I've seen over 1400 productions in NYC and throughout the world and I'm in my 30's. I'm great at recommending shows for people of all a... read more
Tonight thinking of LC. 1968, alone in my brother's apartment, turned on his stereo. That haunting voice filled the room. Became an i... read more
I am a semi-retired and spend 90% of my free time at the theater. I have been an avid theatergoer since my childhood. My favorite pl... read more