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I have been a life-long theatre audience member. I especially enjoy exploring the exciting and new work found off and off-off Broadway.
Thank you Mom for introducing me to theater when I was just a little tot. It has become my passion and my obsession.
I am a semi-retired and spend 90% of my free time at the theater. I have been an avid theatergoer since my childhood. My favorite pl... read more
I'm an avid theater-goer and, as a former choreographer, have a bit of a soft spot for musicals. But good theater is good theater and I'... read more
An avid theatergoer who wants to prevent you from wasting time and money on plays you are not likely to enjoy and to point you toward wo... read more
Avid theater goer - 4 to 5 times per week. Prefer drama to musicals, off and off-off Broadway to Broadway, as I find the intimacy of ... read more
I love seeing darker risky non musicals. Check out my bands new video on YouTube we are called big gorgeous and the song is puddles ... read more
Theater major with an MFA in arts management, which has been my career for 25 years. Addicted to attending the theater, almost always on... read more
Actor/Director/Playwright living in NYC since 1995. Former high school English teacher now cross pollinating Shakespeare with contempora... read more
Likes: small & experimental to big & commercial shows alike. Dislikes: Audience participation, the first day of previews, topknots.
AEA Actor and mom. I go to the theatre once or twice a week. I have no patience for bad theater, and have been known to walk out on pl... read more
I am a NYC high school teacher who loves the theater. My holidays are usually spent in Puerto Rico visiting my family and the rest of t... read more
Love my work, theater, music, ballet, books and always, always travel. Very few things that beat a great hotel but coming home to NYC a... read more